Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Haven't had time to ramble about my life in great length for ages!

Art blogs, websites, forums, twitter, communities...!
They take up pretty much all my write-about-life time nowadays!

But to be fair, when my life's pretty much been 'Holy shit I have to draw to earn money to pay the rent' ever since finishing Uni, it's kind of predictable that my art-blog has seen the most activity and my etc-blog has been gathering dust.

I mean to do regular small comics about daily events, but it never seems to happen! Right now I'm thinking: Commissions, graphic novels, exhibition work, commissions...

Whenever a 'chill out' moment is needed, I tend to leave my desk and go outside.

As I did today, to explore and photograph (some for research for a commission.. But.. Err.. I was KIND OF having a break! *face palm*).

Still find it incredible that I actually LIVE here. Even if it comes with the stress of 'will I make the rent'. It's so worth it. Bath is amazing and cozy.

Little alleys like this with shops are a regular occurrence. So are flowers.

This one leads out towards one of the bigger streets. There is almost always someone playing an instrument around there. Today a guy (who looked younger than me) was playing the sax.

Entrance to one local pub.

A friend of mine and Tom's who also lives in Bath told me about 'The Guildhall Market'. This was a place I hadn't been to before and I didn't know where it was until I stumbled upon it today. It is where my friend buys his coffee beans.

... I think this is where I will buy my coffee beans in the future as well. Just need to buy the grinder.

One of the things that really impresses me with this little city is the artwork/sculptures/etc that keep on cropping up! A pig. next to the cathedral. Oh my!

And the Cathedral itself in all its glory.

With some scary robed men on it.

And angels that literally climb a ladder up to the heavens. I was trying to get an upskirt photo of an angel. Not sure if I managed to >:P

One bit of one of the doors to the cathedral.

And right outside it is a man playing the violin.

An example of the type of architecture you'll find in Bath.

Ah my little alleys~ With shops~

British sweet shops are very nice to look at (and this one has a cute illustration), but their sweets are... Err. Not so pleasant. Can only eat a few things like the fizzy bottles. :D

Signs! Signs!

This one didn't come out very well. I was trying to capture the green hill in the very horizon. Oh well. :P

Extraordinarily happy here. Even if I can't really find my way around properly yet, and I haven't been able to find a printer. ... Or a hairdresser.
But we'll get there!

Now to fetch a cup of tea and continue painting.
Oh! And me and Tom have been invited to a wedding in a castle in Germany where the guests are asked to wear formal traditional garbs..! I.. So.. Want to go..

We'll see. We'll seeeee..

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