Saturday, 3 July 2010

EDITED: From Swedish apple cake to at least six different curries!

I've just gotten home from the last uni party at the tutors farm house. Would normally write lots of stuff now, but am absolutely knackered, so I will post pictures and will explain more tomorrow! (EDIT: Better late than never. Time to actually explain what the heck has been going on! I got home from London yesterday (will write a new post about that), so I've been unable to update until now.)

Yesterday could be summarized with this picture:

Friends came over for Swedish apple cake with custard :D
They liked it!

The day and evening after was booked up for one thing, and one thing only:
Last party with the class at the course leader's house...

... Or should I say MANSION? Naw. Farmhouse, really. But it was huge! She has a three story main house, then a separate cottage, then like... three barns, AND lots of fields around it all. This is very expensive stuff in the UK. Having LAND.

Not to mention 7(!) horses, three dogs (two of them huge great danes that had to be locked up when we arrived because they get a bit funny around people), and two cats.

I've always had respect for horses. Not because I'm a girl and I find horses beautiful and cute, but because they can kill me way too easily. They are fricken scary.

The inside of the house(s) was, as expected from an arts teacher, very strange and arty. We found lots of oddities around and enjoyed exploring (even her bedroom which sported a huge mahogany bedframe).

"You know you've made it when you've got a SOFA in your BATHROOM" :P Yes. And that was only one of them. You can also see a hint of some etchings on the left wall as you walk into the loo. Lots of art everywhere.

I've always loved farmhouse kitchens. This was no exception.

With the AGA. (For the Swedish peeps: En typ av ugn/spis som ar valdigt gammaldags)

Peering out the front door to the greenery. This place was very remote, but so lovely. I haven't even started talking about the people yet. Don't worry, I will :D

Oh! Well! Whaddaya know! There we are! A few of us. From the left:
Charlotte, Rich, Sara and me in a pink WTF blanket (a blanket with arms! It wasn't mine. Promise!)
People had brought stuff with them to camp in the teacher's backyard.

Oh dear~

A view of the front of the house with Pearl, Rich and Emily. My studio mates and close friends.

Oh my darlings! How I will miss you all when Uni is over. I can understand when people say you will get 'post-uni depression'. It's been brilliant. It's been inspiring and I've met so many lovely people.

The atmosphere of the party was very chilled. We had two guitars being played by various people (damn multi-talented folk) throughout the evening.

A back view of the main house, and some slightly chilly people! From the left: Pearl, me, Emily :D We got to borrow Emily's blankets when the sun deserted us.

After having eaten incredible curry that even the students coming from curry-cooking-countries approved of, we took a moment to thank each tutor and gave them some gifts. Sadly I don't have any pictures of the curry table since I was way too busy just EATING my brains out.

As it got darker outside, the house inside took on a new character as well. Cosy or creepy?
Our course leader is very passionate about horses, so there are plenty of sculptures of horses around. I find it a bit eerie to see so many horses heads in various places.

Not to mention the old suitcases. I think I saw about six of them around. (and creepy illuminated horse!)

And then the night approached. We made a huge bonfire in the nearby field, brought the guitars and some light-sticks. I stayed for a while with this, but soon my taxi, along with five other students came to the farm house and it was time for me to leave.


And that was how the last party of the class ended for me. *sob*

If I manage to get more photos of the actual food or anything else, I will add it to the blog.

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