Saturday, 10 July 2010

The final show in London. The final moment with Uni.

How many times can I repeat Final? The Final countdown to the Final show. Final meetup with uni friends. Final project. Final. Final.

I think you get it. *nodnod*

Came home from London yesterday afternoon after a week spent in the capital.
A week of craziness that I won't forget in a hurry!

Here's a sort of summary:


Got up at about 4:40am. Rich had slept over at ours because he was pretty much homeless. His contract in Bristol had run out and he was going back to the midlands after the final degree show.

We got ready and headed off to Uni where the morning was spent packing everything into a hired coach with the rest of the class. After the little spate of chaos, we were off to London!

Arrived and spent more hours setting the show up in the Coningsby Gallery (still trying to get photos of it, so watch this space).

The private view/opening night was that same evening, so we HAD to get everything done. It was quite mental, and to top it off, the small exhibition space had no air-con, making it chokingly hot.

With just a few moments to spare before the opening, I went to meet El and managed to get in to a department of her University in the centre to change into my 'opening night clothes'. Dressing up feels strange. Heck, wearing a dress still feels strange.

And then! Woosh~ Straight back to the exhibition space to be at the private view! I had invited friends to come and act as my 'family', so in the end, I had Ellen, Corey + girlfriend and Matt + girlfriend there with me.

(Corey on the left, Matt in the middle, a bit obscured by me on the right)

It was nice to finally have a chat with Corey again (the writer for Butterflies and Moths), to reassure him that I will continue working on the graphic novel as soon as the show was over. And it was also very nice to meet Matt who has approached me about a possible future steampunk graphic novel. I am in competition with two other artists for this project though.

After many hours of chatting it was time to pop home to El's place where I would be staying for the first few nights.

Got home to hers and just collapsed.


Day of messing about!
Went to museums, coffee shops, regular shops, foody places, frozen yogurt places, comic book shops. Met up with Rich while lolling about in London with El and together we sketched lots!

It was nice to just relax.

Slept over at El's place again.


The day Tom was arriving for his very belated birthday/christmas/something-important-I-should've-organized-sooner gift!

As a side note, I've noticed I'm becoming much more confident with the various things in London. Like the tube, and finding places. Insert pride here. >:D

... If we ignore the fact I went to the wrong station to pick Tom up, so he had to wait for a little bit. That had nothing to do with my navigation skills!

That afternoon we met TimTim and hung out with him in an icecream parlour that specializes in making icecream look like regular food. I got icecream shaped like a pasta dish. :D Fricken awesome.

Later on, me and Tom went to see the musical Avenue Q! That was my gift to him. The musical itself was brilliant! Remember the song: 'the internet is for porn!' ? It's from that show. A lot of swearing. A lot of rude humour and even some puppet sex in it all. I recommend it. >:D

After the show, me and Tom went home to Tim where we spent the evening chatting with him and his Irish composer girlfriend (Irish accents are so hot)


Since Tim and his girlfriend actually have a job to go to (shock horror!), me and Tom were given a key to their flat and then left to our own devices for the rest of the day. I decided to show Tom the final degree show, now that it was a bit calmer there, and I had also promised to invigilate it for a bit.

Only one problem:

Period pains.
Quite major ones.

I'm 24 and I'm still having such issues with the pain I get pretty much every month. It's tiring, but what can one do, eh?

Nevertheless, we went in to have a look at the exhibition. I had no appetite and felt sick at this point, so after a bit of 'arghh', I simply called El and asked her if I could come over quickly. I didn't want Tom to be stuck with a boring me, wailing, so I told him to enjoy London for an hour or so while I went to El's place to just get some painkillers etc in me.

Got to El. Walked in the door with hands on belly, hunched over and groaning.

Quote from El: 'Oh dear... THAT.'

Then she sprung into action, boiling the kettle to get me a hot water bottle, filling the bathtub so I could have a bath, and checking whether I would want some tea to warm up my insides...


If you suffer from period pains, DON'T eat or drink anything cold. Also, don't refrain from eating, even though you feel crap, as period pains tend to get worse on an empty stomach. I find hot soup is the easiest option when in pain.


One hour later, painkillers, hot water bottles and a bath had done the job. I got up and was ready for action again. Tom came over to El's place to pick me up. I suggested we go to a place to eat where I'd buy El some food, simply because she is awesome. She's always there for me!

We met up with Rich in town and went to nomnomnom.

Later on in the early evening, we met up with Tim and I said my byebye's to El and Rich :(
Then home to Tim where he cooked us dinner and we chatted for a long while, mostly about the freedom of information/products on the internet. I went to bed quite early due to the lady-pain, but Tim and Tom stayed up well after midnight, talking about Tim's future in the musical industry.


Last day in London. Up early, feeling quite poorly still, but not at all as bad as before.

The original plan had been to stay in London until the evening when the show was taken down in the gallery, then grab my art, catch a bus and go home.

This plan was shattered when 1: I was painy and 2: we had about 5 bags already. We physically couldn't carry my frames as well.

Luckily a van was coming to pick things up from the gallery and shipping them back to Bristol, so we were saved and simply went home much earlier in the day by train.


I can't believe it's over?

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