Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A brief break from packing and some news.

Arrghh! I haven't been very good with blogging. Week has been spent packing and preparing lots of boring grown up things that I just won't go into because they are -that- boring. :D

But between all of this moving hassle, we had a little break!

... And went canoeing!

Where Tom was very happy going through the trees rather than actually staying in the middle of the river. (yes, that's me ducking by simply lying down)

I can assure you there was a lot of loud protests here :D


Oh yes! And in the end we took a dump in the river!

So! All of this was very fun and energizing. What could possibly go wrong?

It was only when we arrived home later, completely shattered, that I noticed something out of place on the Internetz. Namely this:
Insomnia Publishing To Cease... Publishing?

To quote my reaction immediately after reading that post:


This isn't half of the stuff that's going on behind the scenes. At this moment, because of lots of contract and legal agreements, I can't actually explain too much on this blog about what's happening, but let me just very honestly express my feelings about the entire thing:

Insomnia introduced me to some amazing people and amazing networks of comicbook creators. For that I'm grateful.

I can't wait to go pitch Butterflies and Moths to some other publishers with Corey. Things are looking to become very exciting from here on! Again, can't say too much yet, but rest assured that things are bubbling under the surface.

... Not to mention we've got the keys for our new home in Bath.
I love life. Terrifying as it is at times. :D

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