Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And so she returns with a bandaged arm!

Wonder how long I can use the excuse 'my arm is too weak' for things like dishes, laundry and cooking >:D

Having anesthetic was fascinating. It took literally 30 seconds for it to take effect and I couldn't feel a thing. Very strange.

Doctor shoved a large needle with the implant up my arm right under the skin. When I remove the bandage in about 48 hours I should be able to poke it!

If this thing works, I shouldn't have to worry about contraception for 3 years. Possible side effects are the usual irregular periods, weight gain, mood swings etc, that I had with my pills as a teenager.

I really hope they don't come back since they were the reason I stopped with the pills.

We can only wait and see. :D

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